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Ethan Meyers started his culinary journey at the age of 7. While his father worked and traveled, Ethan was preparing meals for his mom and siblings. The excitement and passion for food was clear, as he was praised for his love of creating something delicious and complex…Eventually receiving his break into the culinary world at a French winery, offering to take any pay to strengthen his knowledge and understanding of food and fine dining. A few years later he and his father opened a restaurant, The Lodge at Millersburg, before eventually landing on the islands where he took a position at an Asian fusion fine dining restaurant.

Ethan also grew up doing magic with his brother (now a celebrity magician). Ethan’s brother can be seen on shows such as America’s Got Talent, Penn and Teller’s Fool Us, Wizard WarsScifiTrutv and the CW network. Ethan’s love for both magic and fine dining became a realization of combining the two, creating a unique culinary experience unlike any other in the world.

With a passion for deep water spearfishing and a love for the sea, he found his niche and home here in Hawai’i. Harvesting from our oceans with an emphasis on invasive species and then plating and cooking that same fish the very same day.  

With the “Magic Chef”, you will enjoy a beautiful dining experience combined with professional magic and performances akin to any show you’d see in Vegas.

Make your experience here an unforgettable one with fine dining, magic and even fire dancing!